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ManufacturingTDI Is Now CAAM

GREAT NEWS! In order to expand the excellent service delivered to Florida’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry, the Manufacturing Talent Development Institute (ManufacturingTDI) has agreed to join forces with the College Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing (CAAM).

ManufacturingTDI’s mission was to serve as the statewide resource center of choice for the evolving training, education and support needs of Florida’s high-performance, advanced manufacturing workforce. The ManufacturingTDI leadership has established that the college agreement structure and mission offered by CAAM is consistent with ManufacturingTDI. As a result, the Florida advanced manufacturing industry will receive an expanded and higher level of support than any one center can provide. It is recognized that the college alliance is the finest support structure for workforce skill development, and by merging the elite asset deployment of ManufacturingTDI into CAAM, we demonstrate a superior way to meet the needs of Florida’s manufacturers. The skill development effort that was ManufacturingTDI will evolve with the increased effort of the College Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing.

Where Did ManufacturingTDI Come From?

ManufacturingTDI was formerly known as the Banner Center for Advanced Manufacturing. It converted to its new name as a result of Workforce Florida’s decision to eliminate all Banner Centers. The center was located at Polk State College and operated as part of the Corporate College’s Advanced Manufacturing Group. The corporate college created an independent college agreement structure that permitted community colleges to partner when supplying advanced manufacturing skill training. The agreement structure was called the College Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing or CAAM. This group absorbed ManufacturingTDI, whose efforts will grow and become more effective as CAAM deploys outreach activities.

ManufacturingTDI Is Now CAAM
CAAM has taken over as Florida’s advanced training resource to equip the next generation of manufacturing professionals with the skills they need!

"The class was great! "

– Neil Johnson, City of Largo Maintenance

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Did you know?

CAAM Infographic

From 2015 to 2025, 2 million manufacturing positions are expected to go unfilled due to a manufacturing skills gap in the U.S.

Source: The Manufacturing Institute

Manufacturing Education at CAAM

Our manufacturing education solutions comprise a wide range of activities, including industry-driven academic and training curriculum development and delivery. This training delivers manufacturing workplace competencies by establishing a unified workforce preparation system, training and educational programs, curriculum, educational articulation pathways and certifications.

This initiative is built around promoting demand-driven industry certifications, such as the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council's (MSSC) "Certified Production Technician" (CPT) credential, which addresses portable production competencies: Manufacturing Production and Process, Safety, Maintenance Awareness, and Quality and Continuous Improvement. The Institute has also designed training curricula to address these critical skills, along with curricula that align with MSSC’s Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and American Society of Transportation and Logistics’ (AST&L) Global Logistics Associate (GLA), among other credentials.

How The College Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing Benefits Business

The College Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing has positioned itself as a key resource to develop a trained workforce for the growth and sustainability of Florida manufacturers. With this education, businesses will benefit with an increased level of productivity and expansion of the state’s manufacturing capabilities.

According to recent surveys, 84% of business executives feel that U.S. manufacturing has a talent shortage. The Institute is taking the statewide lead in creating, coordinating, and providing knowledge and skills upgrade training based on the needs identified by Florida manufacturers. The curricula we developed have been used statewide and outside of Florida to train thousands of manufacturing employees, unemployed workers seeking a career in manufacturing and secondary school students.

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